The Running Man is a street dance move that originated in the late 1980s as a part of the Hip Hop dance style. It is often associated with the Hip Hop music and culture, and is still popular today in various forms of urban dance.

The Running Man is a dance move that originated in the late 1980s and is still popular today. It is named after the running man, a style of running where the feet move in a shuffle-like motion while the upper body remains relatively still.

To perform the Running Man dance move, you start by standing with your feet together. Then, you lift one foot and move it slightly forward, landing on the ball of your foot. As your weight shifts to the front foot, you lift the back foot and swing it behind the front foot, landing on the heel. You then shift your weight back to the back foot and repeat the motion with the front foot.

The arms are also an important part of the Running Man dance. They are usually held close to the body and move in opposition to the feet. For example, when the front foot is lifted, the opposite arm is raised, and when the back foot swings behind, the opposite arm swings forward.

The Running Man has been featured in numerous music videos, television shows, and movies, and is often seen in dance battles and competitions. It is a fun and energetic dance move that can be performed alone or with a partner. With practice, anyone can learn how to do the Running Man and incorporate it into their dance repertoire.